Drive Greater Revenue with an Innovative Distribution Framework

An outdated distribution model could make your operations inefficient and vulnerable to risks. Let’s rethink your current distribution and revenue strategies to bridge the productivity gap and reduce overall costs.

Let Joshua Tree Group help you establish the right distribution channels and partnerships to dramatically improve your profitability.


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Profit-driven Distribution Improvement Services

Creating a formal distribution strategy entails balancing your people, processes and technology with the service level commitments to the customer. Our distribution improvement services include:

Lean Performance Management

We take lean management to the next level by engaging your workforce through training and recognition.

Operational Assessment

Together we evaluate your performance and make improvement recommendations based on effort and impact.

Continuous Improvement

Engage your employees in a culture of improvement where they can make meaningful contributions and celebrate innovation.

Performance Management Maintenance

Benefit from our post-implementation services to keep your supply chain performance consistent.

Reasonable Expectancies, High-Level Metrics, and Key Performance Indicators

­We establish measurable standards to jumpstart the improvement process.

Project Management

Move your ideas to successful implementation with our project management services.

Change Management

Bring about the desired change to your organization with results-driven change management strategies.

Let us help improve your distribution channels and drive greater profitability. With better habits and routines, you can inspire change in every level of your organization.


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