Supply Chain Training Programs for Effective Distribution Leadership

Leadership effectiveness is vital to successful supply chain execution. Despite labor often being the largest line item on a company's operating budget, we very rarely see meaningful investment in the DC leadership team. 

Joshua Tree Group helps your top people gain the skills they need to steer your business toward success with professional development and leadership training programs.

From identifying gaps in operational performance to optimizing labor, your leaders will demonstrate capabilities that allow for transformational change.

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Learn the Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

Our training programs will empower you to transform your supply chain. Your key people will learn the fundamentals of holistic supply chain management and build on the opportunities for improvement.


Build Meaningful Relationships for Long-term Growth

Our team provides training sessions that complement implementation, but we take this one step further. We provide classroom and on-the-job training that covers topics including performance management competencies, effective communication, industrial engineering training, having difficult conversations, and more.

Empower your employees and develop a world class supply chain department with our programs. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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