Supply Chain Strategies for a Competitive Edge

A successful strategy doesn’t just help you cut costs — it defines how your supply chain should operate to stay competitive in the marketplace.


Supply Chain Strategies for Continuous Improvement

With a well-defined supply chain strategy, you can keep your goals in sight and devise tactical steps to achieve them, but more importantly, a strategy helps you establish how you work with the major players in your supply chain.

As the marketplace becomes more competitive, the only way you can make your business stand out is by working together and building meaningful relationships within your supply chain.

Joshua Tree Group helps you achieve sustainable growth through our forward-thinking supply chain strategies. Create greater value for your organization through our services, which include:


Logistics Network Strategy

Minimize total logistics costs while optimizing your service-level requirements. We help you meet customer demands through your network.


3PL Partner Selection

Shorten the third-party logistics (3PL) selection process. Our team handpicks 3PL candidates that cost-effectively expand your supply chain network.


Transportation Cost Management

Optimize your carrier contracts and relationships to combat escalating transportation costs.


Cut costs. Stay competitive. We’ll design and implement a supply chain strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.

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