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You have to achieve your cost per unit goal while also getting packages to the customer in 2 days. A Labor Management program will help you increase the productivity in your distribution operations to tackle both of these challenges.

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Your budget is set and you know the cost per unit you have to achieve.  There are many levers to pull to reduce your cost, but where should you start?  

A Labor Management program increases productivity by improving current processes, creating production goals, and mentoring associates to perform better and achieve a higher output per labor dollar input.

Step 1:


Schedule a call with a Labor Management Coach. Click below to let us know a convenient time to call you.

Step 2:


A Labor Management Coach will spend 45 minutes learning about your operations to build a preliminary business case.

Step 3:


We’ll schedule an on-site Labor Management Workshop where we’ll help you develop a business case and implementation road map.


You’re looking for ways to incrementally reduce your cost per unit.  

We’ve created a free guide with the 3 tactics to improve your labor productivity today to get you started.  

Ready to be better today than yesterday?


Supply chain leaders are faced with the challenge of reducing costs while improving service levels to their customers.  

Joshua Tree Group helps supply chain leaders implement Labor Management programs that give them control of their distribution operations; increasing labor productivity and improving service levels while reducing costs.