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The Joshua Tree Group is more than just supply chain consulting.

We help companies produce the most efficient, safe distribution operations while creating a culture that make their facilities a great place to work.

Businesses face technical, regulatory and economic pressures. Thriving in today’s business environment calls for increased productivity that generates returns. But when you’re tracked against cost per unit, rewarding your people needs to be properly executed to increase throughput and decrease cost.

That’s where we come in: we’ll help you implement systems, design processes, and train your leaders to make sure that your team understands the “Why” and their sense of purpose.

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Supply Chain Management Made Easy

Bring continuous improvement to your organization and achieve long-term results. We employ a forward-thinking approach to supply chain consulting all across the globe. We work alongside you to design the best solutions to optimize your process, drive down cost, provide tools for managing future growth and use technology to drive productivity improvement.

Our consulting approach focuses on workforce engagement for long-term improvements, performance and innovation in your supply chain. 


Your success is our success.

Our team is proud to have served top brands in retail distribution.




“Labor management is not a project; it is a way of life for us. Associates took a ‘wait and see’ approach... ‘let’s see how long [this] lasts.’ Now that we are into the second year, we are just as aggressive today in sponsoring as we were the first month.”

Director of Human Resources – Fortune 500 Company

“At first, we weren’t sure about our facility or its systems. We moved from a very familiar environment to a totally unfamiliar one. Labor management enabled us to get our arms around the warehouse management system and get more than we ever dreamed from our facility. We don’t just have higher productivity, we can manage more proactively, and our customer service levels have soared.”

Vice President, Distribution and Transportation – Fortune 500 Company


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